Spring Skin Care in Cedar Rapids


As winter recedes, its place taken by spring greenery and warm temperatures, we’re all looking forward to getting outdoors again and feeling the sun’s warm body and soul alike. But the seasons aren’t all that’s changing. As the calendar turns over and the sun climbs higher in the sky, we need to rethink how we approach self-care and skincare alike. In addition to a visit to Revive Aesthetics for our skincare products and skincare services in Cedar Rapids, here are a few more tips for Cedar Rapids skincare — and self-care!

How is Spring Skin Care Different Than Skin Care in Winter?
The winter months take quite a toll on your skin. We don’t sweat as much, so we’re not getting a tangible reminder to hydrate, leaving skin and body parched. We don’t always sleep as well, so our bodies’ healing responses aren’t what they should be, making it harder for skin to bounce back. We tend to eat more, and eat things we shouldn’t (like fatty, sweet, or starchy foods) which can lead to breakouts and oily skin. And the many stressors of family life, COVID concerns, and being cooped up indoors aren’t helping either.
So the habits that tend to come with springtime — better hydration, better nutrition so we look and feel better in summer clothes, more exercise, more sun, and less stress — aren’t just lifting our spirits. They’re working wonders for the skin.
Spring Skin Care Essentials
That doesn’t mean your skin couldn’t use a helping hand. Let’s run down a few essentials for healthier skin and a healthier you.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies, since a balanced diet improves skin condition and skin tone.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • Trade your usual moisturizer for one with a high SPF to protect your skin against sun damage.
  • Wear hats and clothes with loose-fitting legs and sleeves. Working on your tan could also mean working on skin damage and skin cancer, which none of us wants or needs.
  • While you’re spring cleaning, toss those old cosmetics. Expired cosmetics are awful for your skin!
Next-Level Spring Skin Care
The essentials are a good start, but what if you want to do something more, either to pamper yourself or to repair damaged skin?
Try a Chemical Peel
VI Peel treatments in Cedar Rapids go beyond superficial skin peels. There are different types of peels available for different needs and skin types. These treatments can address dark spots, uneven skin shading, acne, and many visible signs of aging.
Consider HydraFacial
Cold weather can leave a layer of dead skin cells that leaves your skin looking dull. Rather than an uncomfortable OTC exfoliant, consider HydraFacial, a mild and gentle treatment that removes pore clogs and dead skin cells, moisturizes, and finishes with a serum that’s tailored to your needs and skin type.
Try Injectable Skin Treatments
Looking to erase the signs of aging? Injectable skin and hair treatments like Botox®, Jeuvau®, and Dysport® can reduce or even eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
Other Innovations in Skincare
Our FDA-cleared Celluma light therapy is a non-invasive alternative to injectables and chemical peels.
Treat Your Skin, and Treat Yourself
From essentials to intensive skincare, there’s something for every need and skin type at Revive Aesthetics Cedar Rapids and Revive Aesthetics Cedar Falls. To determine which treatments are right for your goals, schedule a consultation today to feel great tomorrow!


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