Keep Your Routine Easier with Microblading


If your morning routine feels longer than your commute, why not make things easier on yourself? Skincare services from Revive Aesthetics can help you look and feel your best, and our Microblading can go a long way toward starting the day off right. Let’s answer some of the most frequent questions that come up with this popular professional skincare regimen.

What is Microblading?
Unlike makeup, which needs to be reapplied daily, and permanent makeup, which is forever, Microblading represents a happy medium. It’s semi-permanent, so your brows don’t need to be attended to daily, but it will fade over time.
What’s So Special About Microblading?
Microblading would be worthwhile for many people for the time it saves, but it does much more than that. If you have thin eyebrows because you plucked a bit too enthusiastically, or none at all due to the aftereffects of alopecia or chemo, it can be a boost to your beauty and self-esteem alike. When it’s done by a professional, it’s safe and effective. The process itself is quick, and—perhaps most importantly—the results afterward look completely natural!
How Does Microblading Work?
Unlike a tattoo, where ink is injected below the skin, Microblading makes a series of extremely fine incisions into which pigment is implanted. Because this is done manually, it requires an artist’s eye and a steady hand; it’s not something you want to leave to someone who is under-qualified or inexperienced.
That Sounds Painful. Is It?
Since the procedure is done under a topical anesthetic, your discomfort should be minimal. It certainly doesn’t feel like getting a tattoo! But you will feel some pressure, and the sensation can take a little getting used to.
How Long Does Microblading Last?
It’s a good idea to have a touch-up about six to eight weeks after your first appointment. When applied by a professional, these brows can last up to a year, so you won’t need to visit as often as you would for cosmetic injectables.
Do I Need Any Special Preparations Before My Appointment?
There are a few things we suggest to prepare for a Microblading session. You’ll receive a full list before your appointment, but here are a few highlights:
  • If you use vitamin A or retinol, stop a month beforehand.
  • Don’t undergo laser treatments, chemical peels, Botox, or other facial treatments in the few weeks leading up to the procedure.
  • A few days before, you should avoid tanning and sunbathing, and also avoid threading, waxing, or plucking your eyebrows.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the day leading up to the procedure, and don’t wear makeup on the day of.
How Should I Care For My Brows Post-Microblading?
For the first few days, you’ll want to avoid wearing makeup or sweating excessively. You’ll also need to keep the area clean and dry initially. After that, however, it’s extremely low maintenance. Many of our clients love Microblading because unlike conventional makeup, there’s nothing to smudge, run, or get into your eyes—even during a strenuous workout.
Microblading at Revive Aesthetics
Our Microblading services are provided by Courtney Warner, Microblading specialist and owner of Brow Envy, which is located in Revive Aesthetics & Wellbeing. To discover the best application method for your skin and lifestyle, or removal and color correction, call Revive Aesthetics for a consultation today.


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By appointment only