Help Your Skin Recover from the Holidays


2020 was hard for everyone, making it no surprise that many of us indulged a bit much over the holidays as we prepared to put what felt like a cursed year behind us so we could look forward to a brighter 2021.

All that indulgence doesn’t just result in tighter waistbands and a resolution to hit the treadmill. It’s written on our faces and etched in our skin. So it’s time for a bit of facial rejuvenation! Take advantage of Cedar Rapids facials from Revive Aesthetics for results you won’t get from over the counter skincare products, and get ready to put your best face forward.
What Did the Holidays Do to My Skin?
Wondering why your skin looks a bit different these days? This time of year can often seem to conspire against you.
  • Lack of sleep keeps our bodies’ natural immune and healing responses from doing their best
  • Lack of time means we skimp on our usual self-care and skincare routines
  • Winter cold dries out skin both indirectly (we tend to drink less water when it’s cold out) and directly (cold air steals skin moisture)
  • Alcohol, rich foods, and added intake of starches, sugars, and fats don’t just leave us feeling sluggish; they dull skin, and often lead to breakouts that can leave discoloration or even a degree of scarring
  • Crowds, shopping, pandemic worries, and even family contribute to stress that exacerbates many common skin conditions
How Does a Chemical Peel Help?
When your skin is damaged from the inside out, the usual scrubs and moisturizers will only go so far, and it usually isn’t quite far enough. Chemical peels use a mild acidic solution to loosen the bond between dead and living skin, exfoliating, and deep cleansing to reveal a natural glow and promote new skin growth. You’ll notice results from your first visit, but subsequent visits help to maintain skin tone and clarity. Best of all, these treatments can be customized for a wide variety of skin types — even sensitive skin.
Chemical Peels in Cedar Rapids
While we offer standard chemical peels in both our Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls locations, both offices also offer VI Peel. This selection of advanced facials offers benefits you won’t find in a superficial chemical peel.
VI Peel
VI Peel is suited to all skin types and provides a number of benefits. Your skin will be tighter, with improved texture, brighter tone, increased clarity, and fewer visible signs of aging. While it’s an excellent first-time treatment, with follow-up treatments, Vi Peel even helps prevent future skin damage.
VI Peel Advanced
VI Peel Advanced is targeted at the effects of aging, softening fine lines and wrinkles. This formulation also contains collagen to stimulate cell turnover and fight the loss of skin elasticity that comes with age.
VI Peel Precision Plus
Melanogenesis results in dark spots and uneven skin tone. VI Peel Precision Plus fights this with a fast-acting Brighten Booster and Lighten Booster to improve skin tone, evening out your skin color in the process.
VI Peel Purify 
Acne results from bacterial growth, interfering with your pores’ proper function, and causing comedones. VI Peel Purify opens pores, fights comedones, and kills the p. acne bacteria that cause breakouts. And because this formula balances skin pH, it also helps prevent future breakouts.
VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus
This regimen combines two treatments, resulting in our most comprehensive peel for both acne and acne scarring. On one hand, it actively fights acne symptoms, while on the other, it helps to repair the hyperpigmentation and textural scarring that acne leaves behind.
Our chemical peels range in price from $90 to $350.
Advanced Skin Care in Cedar Rapids, IA
Remember, we still offer superficial, light, and medium-depth peels starting at $90 at Revive Aesthetics Cedar Rapids and Revive Aesthetics Cedar Falls. But if your skin requires a bit of intensive care, our VI Peels are the perfect complement to other skin-care services we offer, from Botox™ injections to Celluma light therapy. Schedule an appointment today and notice a difference from your very first visit.


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